SearCheck Help and Examples

Examples of usage

  > Use Crl-Left Mouse to open a link in a new Tab or new Browser window
  > Click on demo link on the top of the main page to step through examples
  > Click on a SearCheck logo to reload a front page
  > Put a mouse over buttons to see what they do

Usage disclaimer...
If you know exactly what kind of information you are looking for ("compiler error -255", or "who was 3rd president of US"), then nothing beats using Google, Yahoo or MSN/Live. The following example is for a different scenario. You only have a vague understanding of the answer and looking for 'keywords' or tags to narrow/clarify your search. This is more of iterative information mining process, rather than simple phrase lookup. What if you are not sure about validity of information, for example, flu diagnosis, or any medical information?

Examples (some rather extreme) of Search Engine Comparison

Examples disclaimer...

Some of the examples were created using Google coop (Custom Search Engine) to demonstrate the ability to polarize Internet information universe into separate worlds. They were not created to offend or insult anyone. Those are just tools. Please view the following examples with this in mind.

More to follow...