SearCheck is a Meta Search Engine. SearCheck is a result of my personal obsession with AI, Data Minging and Information management. It is also a placeholder for the set of custom search engines that I created to address a range of problems.
It would be quite silly to compete against major search engines head on, however there are certain searches where googling does not work (try searching for the oldest hotel in Miami). SearCheck was created as a tool to get around those cases. Quite often to get the right answer I had to hop from one search page to another and compare results. SearCheck facilitates this process by having...
  • Combined results from major search engines
  • Compares search engines side by side
  • You could create your own custom search engine and compare it to a native one.
  • Here is a more detailed, more "promotional", list of features.
The copyright is under IM Thor LLC. IM Thor is a derivative of my name, Arturas, or Arthur, and my hobby, Information Management acronym, IM.

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